The Gambling Sports Writer

The Gambling Sports writer2

Grade Level assignment used: 12

Course: MDM 4UO (Data Management)

Curriculum (Ontario) Expectations Addressed:

1) solve problems involving the probability of an event or a combination of events for discrete sample spaces;
2) solve problems involving the application of permutations and combinations to determine the probability of an event.

The “Gambling Sports Writer” is a  task, that students work in pairs to complete. They read a story about Bill Frey a sports writer with a sever gambling addiction. On a particularly bad night of gambling Bill loses half a million dollars! A half million he does not have! What makes it worse is he lost it to New York’s most notorious gangster!

As the students read the story they solve problems related to counting and probability that are part of the story line. Students are encouraged to share ideas as they attempt to solve the problems. A variety of problem solving tools can be used which encourages the growth mindset.

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