Subway Map that makes Studying for Advanced Functions Easier!

Studying for an exam in mathematics is not fun for many students.  The biggest complaint I get about studying for a math exam is the amount of concepts that have to be reviewed in order to prepare.

I always feel disappointed when I hear students tell me how much anxiety preparing for a math exam is causing them.  As a mathematics teacher I always hope students can see how the concepts we work on over the semester connect with each other (wishful thinking on my part I know!) .  Ideally by the time exams come around they understand the concepts so well (because they see the connection between concepts) that they don’t need to prepare for hours and  hours during the days leading  up to the exam.  Like a Marathon runner the hard work should be done months and months before the race so that you don’t have to work hard on the days leading up to the race.

In order to help my students see the connection between concepts I decided to create a “Subway map” for the concepts covered in Grade 12 Advanced Functions  (MHF 4U).  The map has 4 lines; Graphing, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Logarithms.  Students can use the map as a guide in terms of what they need to know for the exam and as a guide to how depth they have to their understanding, as the “depth” of an idea is often a measure of how many different fields it unites.

Please see the link below for the MHF 4U subway map.


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